Nugent & Peterson is a law firm representing persons and companies under investigation for white-collar crimes and serious felonies. Both lawyers are veterans of Foreman DeGeurin & Nugent, founded by the legendary Percy Foreman, where Mr. Nugent had practiced since 1985 and Ms. Peterson since 1999. Nugent & Peterson is located in the historic Old Citizens Bank Building at 402 Main Street at Preston in downtown Houston.

Our Philosophy

Nugent & Peterson is dedicated to providing clients with the flexibility, creativity, accessibility and discretion to win their cases. The firm delivers the highest standards of excellence to every client, and are committed. “We know that not only our personal reputations, but the freedom and even the lives of our clients are at stake in every matter, and that is a responsibility we fully accept,” says Paul Nugent. “We have always enjoyed direct control on every aspect of each case that comes to our firm. If someone has a criminal problem – whether it’s a corporate executive or a grandmother seeking help for her grandson – we want to be the people who take the call and have the flexibility and independence to accept interesting cases, even challenging ones that other firms might be reluctant to accept. That’s the philosophy I learned from Percy Foreman and the other colleagues I have been privileged to work with and it is an approach that my partner, Heather Peterson, shares.”